Mental Health Resources in Wichita

May is National Mental Health Awareness Month. The world has come a long way in recent years as people discuss mental illness and share their stories. The stigmas surrounding mental health are slowly being broken down, although there is still much work to do.  

Mental health resources in Wichita exist to help those with mental illnesses including depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, PTSD, bipolar, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), borderline personality disorder, and others. There are common signs of mental illness to watch for in yourself or a loved one. 

Common Signs  

There are some common signs of mental illness that you may notice in yourself or a loved one. These signs include: 

  • Excessive worrying or fear 
  • Feeling excessively sad or lost
  • Confused thinking or problems concentrating and learning 
  • Extreme mood changes (euphoric or depressed) 
  • Avoiding friends and social activities 
  • Changes in sleeping habits or feeling tired and low energy 
  • Difficulty perceiving reality (hallucinations, delusions) 
  • Overuse of substances such as alcohol or drugs 
  • Inability to perceive changes in one’s own thoughts, feelings, behavior, or personality (lack of insight) 
  • Thinking about suicide 
  • Inability to carry out daily activities or handle daily problems or stress

How to Get Help 

Getting help for a mental illness is critical. Your treatment options will depend on the type of mental illness, and the severity. For some medication may be required, for others therapy alone can help and for many, both are necessary. Regardless, it’s important to see a professional to get a diagnosis and get the best treatment options. 

Mental Health Resources in Wichita 

National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) Wichita – This organization has resources for individuals, family members, community members, schools, veterans, workplaces, and faith leaders.  

COMCARE – This organization is a program of Sedgwick County. The mission is to help people with mental health and substance abuse issues improve the quality of their lives. Services are offered regardless of ability to pay. 

MHA of South Central Kansas – The mission of this organization is to help youth, families and adults in the community achieve optimal mental health and wellness. Free services may be available. 

Breakthrough – This organization is formerly Episcopal Social Services and helps people move out of poverty and to recover well while living with mental illness. 

National Mental Health Resources 

Trevor Project – This organization helps LGBTQIA+ youth who are thinking of harming themselves.  

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) – SAMHSA is a free, confidential treatment referral and information service that operates 24/7, 365 day-a-year. 

We’re Here for You 

At M-Care we believe your mental health is just as important as your physical health. If you are experiencing any of the signs of mental illness, please talk to our staff and reach out to one of the resources listed on our blog. Our staff can also refer you or a loved one to a private therapy provider. Asking for help is the first step to healing, and we’re here for you. 

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